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About Us

Integrated Patient Services (IPS) has been serving hospital pharmacies nationwide for over 25 years.

Management of PAP opportunities is IPS’s sole service. Each member of the IPS Team has developed expertise in PAP management. IPS currently manages drug recovery services for over 150 hospitals and hospital systems in 19 states across America.

IPS’s single service offering ensures that no pharmaceutical manufacturer, wholesaler, or distributor relationship will adversely impact the PAP opportunity available to your pharmacy.

IPS’s sole focus on PAP management enables IPS to stay current on the ever-changing PAP offerings put forth by pharmaceutical manufacturers, thereby ensuring your pharmacy pursues ALL drug recovery opportunities available in a timely manner.

Cyber Insured

IPS has implemented a double-backup strategy which includes a full system encryption for data protection and cyber insurance that protects IPS and its clients from catastrophic events and also protects all sensitive data, should a breach occur.


All applications are processed by IPS’s trained staff according to safe and secure HIPAA standards.