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Q: What is a Patient Assistance Program (PAP)?
A: Drug manufacturers have established PAPs to replace medications back to facilities for patients who are unable to pay.

Q: Why should my facility participate?
A: Drug companies distribute millions of dollars of free drugs each year for the care of uninsured patients. IPS is dedicated to maximizing your share.

Q: Can the IPS program be used with current savings programs at my facility?
A: Yes! IPS programs can be used in conjunction with 340B, Bulk Replacement, GPOs and many other programs.

Q: How much can I expect to receive?
A: Every facility is different. Based on the services offered at your facility as well as your self-pay rate.

Q: How do I start utilizing IPS at my facility?
A: Call IPS at 727-521-2646 to speak to a replacement professional today.